Zoran Pavelić

Festival of light

Only 15 minutes away from   The Apple tree apartment the festival of lights will take place from


Artists of light use the city as a canvas, it`s buildings and monuments, it`s night sky, it`s promenades and squares. With lights they create an innovative art that affects our emotions.

Art, design, spectacle, entertainment, architecture-it`s all the Festival of lights. A Festival of good emotions and beautiful scenes that makes the world around us at least for a moment completely different, more colourful and shining.

In more and more cities all over the world the Festivals of lights have become a tradition. Creative masters are giving a new life to the famous city symbols by dressing them into picturesque colours.

The first Festival of lights in Zagreb was held in the year 2017. Spring was celebrated with spiral lightening objects, with a lightening harp and laser maze.

The Zagreb Festival of lights is an event announcing the tourist season and invites you to enjoy outdoors during the spring evenings in the innovative art and the magic of light, full of vivacity and joyous.

So, this Festival is one more reason to visit Zagreb

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